Archaeological site and museum of Amphipolis

Nine kilometers from the beach of Ofrinio, is located Amphipolis with the impressive archaeological sites and the magnificent museum. From here you can see almost the entire Strymon Gulf, the starting point of Alexander the Great’s campaign.

Statue Lion of Amphipolis

The Statue Lion of Amphipolis is a 4th-century b.c. plastic artwork, a monument of martial glory and deed. According to Professor Demetris Lazaridis, it was commissioned in honor of Laomedon of Lesvos, one of Alexander’s most valued navy commanders who settled in Amphipolis, and according to some oppinion it was at the top of the tomb of Amphipolis. You will find it right before the old Strymonas bridge, ten minutes away from the beach of Ofrinio, in a place of unique natural beauty.

Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Eikosifinissa

Some thirty kilometers north of the beach of Ofrinio, there is the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Eikosifinissa at an altitude of 753 meters in the verdant Pangeo. It is the oldest active monastery in Greece and Europe and was founded by Agios Germanos in 518 AD. It is remarkable that the icon of Virgin Mary is one of the eleven “non human made” icons of the Virgin Mary that exist throughout the Christian world.

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