In the crystal blue waters of the beach of Ofrinio (Touzla) you will find a vast beach with white sand and colorful stones with sunbeds and umbrellas to enjoy your swim, fish taverns and barbecues for tsipouro or ouzo at noon and for the evening come enjoy the incredible traditional and modern Greek flavors. There are supermarkets, too many shops that provide everything.

From the beach starts two hiking trails in mountain Pangeo where you can enjoy nature and see the gold mines of Alexander the Great. Within short distances you can visit the Byzantine walls of Christopoli located on the west side of the beach, the archaeological museum and the archaeological sites of Amphipolis, the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Eikosifinissa, the ancient Roman farmhouse of Agista, the unique caves at Alistrati village and Aggitis river and the famous statue Lion of Amphipolis, on the River Strymon.

The Ofrinio beach is 100 km away from Thessaloniki and its airport, 55 km away from Kavala, 83 km away from Chrysoupolis airport, 64 km away from Serres and 57 km away from Drama.

In the summer there are many theatrical, music and choir performances on the Ofrinio beach, especially the Sotiros feast on the 6th of August with an open market.



Here you can have a numerous activities, either on the beach and the sea, or on the surrounding hills and enjoy the sun and nature together with your family.


At a close or a little longer distance from the Ofrinio beach  you can visit and admire unique sights and archaeological treasures that will always remain in your memory.

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